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Week 6, Larry Bourland Poetry, Durango Colorado

Valued friends and guests of Larry Bourland Poetry;

So much to share this week: our first Featured Poet will be showcased... this will be a 2-week gig for the poet and for each following poet. We’ve chosen 6 incredible local poets to showcase their talent and artistry. Week 7 will be our first showcase. (Who will it be???) Stay tuned!!!

"Post Your Work" on the forum has seen some outstanding work offered up, and I’m encouraging all poets/writers to submit your original work to the site. If you’ve read our terms ‘n conditions, you know by now the site is copyright protected. Just make sure your name accompanies your submission(s) and post away!

Anthony has been busy in the web lab getting partnered up beyond Google & Bing and other platforms, broadening our outreach even further than before. Anthony has also added more of his incredible art to the art gallery; check it out!

On Thursday, February 22, Our favorite poetry open mic night is back in Durango at Sustainable Goods, 1259 Main Ave. 6-8pm. Hosted by Ally Rennell. It’s always fun and entertaining when the town comes out to share and listen to poetry and tall tales. Claire has hot tea and baked goods to keep us warm and cozy. So come join us!!!


Ester Belin & Zoe Golden

Coming to Durango Library

February 26, 6-7pm.

Word Honey is celebrating Poetry Month in April with a public art display to include a poetry exhibit! Check out the flyer for details; it sounds exciting!

I’m hoping to share renowned artist Carrie Ann Baade’s spectacular paintings on the website next week.

Google her bio and work and be prepared to be blown away!

Anthony and I are working on developing a showcase for our local Veterans, as vets ourselves we understand the experiences and demands of military service and the need for reaching out to help those who keep our country secure. We also know veterans are a rich source of inspiration for the arts community here in Durango. We look forward to their support in strengthening our artistic program.

If you’re enjoying the website content, feel free to email your comments directly to me at I’d love to hear from you! Suggestions? Recommendations?

As always, word of mouth is a powerful ally in promoting what you enjoy. Please continue to spread the word of our website to your FB and IG friends ‘n family. It’s because of your interest and participation that this project is such a success!!!!!

Week 7 Features the following:

Featured Poet will come soon, stay tuned!




We bathe in our passions

we circle in dance

and delight in drink.

Our senses attuned

although a wee bit clumsy,

but what is clumsy when

diving into aching loins?


Night after night

blending into day

into tomorrow

and tomorrow’s memories.

We rush to make

every memory count,

leaving nothing for granted.


Each scrap of our sex

is nibbled up

so, others who follow

have little clue

of our ravage.

But the air is electric

where our loins joined

leaving behind only a hint,

a hint that something

so consuming occurred.

Only a hint

that where they sit

is a place in time

ripe for ravage

and desire.



Give and Take, Larry Bourland Poet, Durango Colorado

There’s no greed

or stinginess

in being

properly fucked.


You take

what is

rightly yours

when properly





SEASONS, Larry Bourland, Poet Durango Colorado,

More seasons have

come and gone

than are left

on my calendar.


I still walk this beach everyday

just lower and slower

always looking back

making sure my footprints

will take me home again.


I watched last summer

like every summer before,

not much changed;

the chase of love continues.

Young lovers,

summer romances,

girls trying to impress

each other,

boys trying to

scratch the itch

of raging hormones

with little success.


But now it’s fall

the beach is desolate,



wind swept,

rain hardened,

tide eroded

just the way I like it.


I have to be here


this same stretch of beach

as I leave a map of memories in the sand.


It’s easier to find my way home

through fall, winter and spring.

It’s only summer that is confusing

but still in a long-lost familiar way.




Lazy months, fickle decades

of passions collected like menus

from the finest restaurants of New York,

bistros of Spain,

delis of Hackensack,

cafés nestled along the Champs-Élysées,

taco wagons of Tucson,

deep fried havens of State Fair Midways

from Canada to Mexico

and every greasy spoon skirting Route 66.


We’ve filled a libraries-worth with menus

of love and emotion.

Every item uniquely flavored

yet, each sharing one common thread

of delectability; they gauge my words in retrospect

clinging to the last vestiges of love.


Therefore, let me be your past

the one who writes upon our heart’s recipes

of a lifetime of fine dining until we have

cleaned our plates, washed our palates

ultimately finding ourselves sitting politely

awaiting dessert.



Voices fill, heads turn, confusion reigns words burn.

Stories loop, endings flee, bad drowns good chances flee.

Minds liberate kindness finds

confusion's grip unwinds.

Time plays, verbs twist in silence

Tranquility insists..

Quiet seeks noise fades, calm whispers shadows shades.

In tranquility a mind rests in simplicity

Eventually finding its quests...

-A. Beadle


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