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Featured Artist, Durango Colorado, Deb Wolf

Updated: Mar 8

Deb Wolf Artist Durango Colorado
Deb Wolf Artist

Deb Wolf, owner of DWolf Designs Fine Art & Custom Framing LLC is a Painter and framer from Durango, Colorado. Her work is primarily comprised of landscapes and mountain terrain in the Southwest United States. Deb builds standard & custom frames from repurposed and/or distressed wood. With sustainability and conservation always in mind, Deb frequently experiments with a variety of re-purposed painting surfaces such as wood, tile, and plexiglass. Many of her pieces are inspired by photos taken while hiking a mountain trail or purely out of her imagination.  Matching the frames with her paintings give it a rustic country feel which is most appealing to her.  DWolf Designs is located at 925 HWY 3 Plaza, Durango CO.  DWolf Designs can ship anywhere in the US, Canada and welcomes custom commissions. Repurposed Materials Landscapes | DWolf Designs Fine Art | United States

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