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Featured Artist, Carrie Ann Baade

Larry Bourland Poetry is proud to present:

Featured Artist Larry Bourland Poetry, Larry Bourland is a Poet in Durango Colorado
Carrie Ann Baade
Artist Carrie Ann Baade has given me permission to share with our website readers her work, words and inspiration. I was first introduced to her work at the Pensacola Museum of Art on a cultural day trip with my teenage granddaughter, Matison. Upon entering the exhibit, we were stopped in our tracks as though overcome by a higher power of inspiration. Carrie Ann Baade’s Exhibition flooded our senses, we were struck by Surrealism, Renaissance, Dutch Baroque, Modernism and emotional PASSION. At that very moment our knowledge of art history was changed forever. My words are empty to describe further of this Master; by way of introduction in her book “Carrie Ann Baade Scissors & Tears” (available on Amazon), Anna Wall, Chief Curator of the Pensacola Museum of Art, explains “…Baade’s paintings exist in the in-between. They are from another time, yet firmly rooted in the twenty-first century…A mission to craft a feminist retelling of history by transfiguring images created by men hundreds of years ago…. Through her work, Baade carves a place for female artists to exist, hold power, and shape past and future narratives.” The artist herself explains “The concepts behind the work are informed by a historic lack of women’s voices in our culture.” She further explains her themes “are reflections on the missing world of women; their stories, work and creative fulfillments.” This is an expression of the “celebration of finally speaking out.”

24 by 36 inches oil on panel
Light and Shadow

48 by 36 inches, oil on canvas

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